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【Information in Different Languages Thru Mobile Phones– SAMEMO Service is Ended】
To everyone registered in SAME’s SAMEMO— Information in different languages through mobile phone:
We would like to inform everyone that SAMEMO service has ended last March 31,2016 (Thursday).
We apologize for your inconvenience due to sudden decision of ending the service.
However, everyone can still get the same information in different languages from SAME through newletters and You Tube, the “OSHIRASE TEREBI”.
Thank you so much for using and supporting SAMEMO.

We are inviting you to register your mobile phone to SAME Mulitilingual Mail Delivery Service. It provides up-to-date informations in different languages about life style here in Shizuoka City, preparation guides for disasters and many more. Available languages are English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portugal, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnam and basic Japanese.

Procedures for registration (Please choose from 1 or 2)
QR(1)You can directly send a blank mail to
(2)Taking a picture of the QR code with your mobile phone posted on the right side, will directly connect you to the site.
Click the language you want from the listed email addresses and send blank mail.

the will inform you the completion of registration.
* Registration is free.
* Text messaging will be send by
Please be sure your mobile phone is not set in rejection mode or else you will not be able to receive the informations from SAMEMO.