Earthquake Measures


The most important preparation is to always be aware that no one knows when a large earthquake will strike. Here are the basic things you should do in the event of an earthquake.

When an Earthquake Occurs

Learn the basics things to do when an earthquake happens.

An Earthquake Strikes

  • Stay calm and protect yourself.
  • Extinguish any flames.
  • Open a door or window to make an escape path.

1-2 Minutes Later

  • Check for fire hazards and extinguish any flames you see.
  • Confirm the safety of your family.

3 Minutes Later

  • Check the safety of your neighbors.
  • Watch out for aftershocks.

5-10 Minutes Later

  • Walk or take a bicycle to pick up children at school, daycare, etc.
  • Prevent fires from breaking out.
  • Switch off the circuit breaker.

10 Minutes to Several Hours Afterwards

  • Work together with local residents.
  • Evacuate if you fear your home might collapse.

Up to 3 Days Afterwards

  • Do not enter collapsed homes.
  • Use provisions from a prepared stockpile of daily necessities.
  • Gather disaster and damage information.
  • Watch out for aftershocks.

Life as an Evacuee

  • Follow the directions of your neighborhood association.
  • Obey the evacuation shelter’s rules.

When You Feel a Big Shake

Use the illustration below to regularly visualize what you should do when you feel a big shake at home, work or on the go.