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Event Information/Foreign Language News

Event Information

Event: Free one-on-one Japanese lesson  
Details: The NPO group called VOIS holds activities, workshops and interpreters' course for people learning English and other languages. They provide a system that will give non-native learners of Japanese the opportunity to study Japanese free of charge in exchange for being an " English Conversation Partner".
People who will join the system can have Japanese lessons on a regular or irregular basis and VOIS will keep a record of participants' lesson hours, and the Japanese learners will repay these hours working at VOIS's events, workshops courses or by doing proofreading.
The lesson can be done by SKYPE or face to face depending on each preference or convenience.
For further information, please e-mail VOIS.
Who: Non-Japanese people who are willing to learn Japanese and speak English or other languages with Japanese participants
Hosted By: Nonprofit Organization VOIS
For More Information:

Please visit:

Email: Email:
Event: Free Legal Counseling for Foreigners by Lawyer for Low Income
Contents: Procedures for immigration laws, visa status, recognition of refugee status, and international family matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.
When: Monday to Friday, 1pm to 3pm
Where: Japan Legal Support Center Shizuoka Local Office (Houterasu Shizuoka 法テラス静岡,  Shizuoka-Chuo Building 2F, 9-18 Ote-machi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)
How much: Free of charge※Conditional critetia, Ask Houterasu
Appointment: Necessary. Call to 050-3383-5400 (Japanese only )
(From 9am to 5pm)
Language: Basically in Japanese, but interpreters are available, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese

Foreign Language News

There are monthly newsletters available in various language that provide information useful for foreign nationals.

It is possible to have a newsletter delivered to your home for a fee 1,000 for one year.

If you would like a newsletter delivered to your home, send the free and a letter to the SAME office with the title “I wish to receive a foreign language newsletter’.

Provide your name and address as well as the language you wish to receive.

You can mail or bring this and the 1,000 yen fee to:

The Shizuoka Association for Multicultural Exchange

5-1 Ote-machi Aoi-ku Shizuoka city 420-8602.

For any questions: Please send e-mail to us.